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Applications Development Team


The Application Development team provides consulting, solutions and tools which improve access to data and information for the UVA Finance team.   They create and help maintain databases, web forms, web pages, web systems and dashboards to help Finance with their data needs.


Meredith Dixon (Team Lead)
Del Kolberg - Developer
Jay Gallimore - Developer

Services Provided

The Applications Development Team creates and helps to maintain:

  • Databases
  • Web Forms
  • Web Pages
  • Web Systems
  • Dashboards


 COMING SOONImage of what the ASG Applications Portal looks like

The Applications Development Team has been working on creating an applications portal as previewed above. This portal will link UVAFinance Employees to the online employee directory where you can review and request an update of your information. You will also be able to nominate employees for recognitions, and use the Office Supply Management System which will allow UVAFinance employees to locate supplies if their supply area is out of something, and send the ASG Procurement Team a request to order more. 

Please continue to check back to see when this project is completed!