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Human Resources Team



The HR Team strives to welcome and orient new UVAFinance Employees in a consistent manner while ensuring operational readiness. Additionally, we strive to ensure a positive and efficient off boarding experience in compliance with the UVA Human Resources off boarding policy.


Connie Alexander (Team Lead) - Coordination of effort, HRMS Support and I-9 verification, Jobs@ assistance, and converge onboarding service and coordination of offboarding effort
Mike Hayton - Local Support Partner (LSP) lead and technical advisor

UVAFinance Managers - our partners for each onboarding/offboarding experience. 

So you want to fill a vacant position...?
Please contact or your department's ASG representative as soon as possible!

In order to provide a seamless Onboarding experience the HR Team works closely with the Space/Communications Team to determine office space, ordering new equipment, and requesting telephone service.

  • Determining office space and ordering new equipment often requires long lead times ranging from 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Requesting Telephone Service can usually take up to 7 - 10 days.
  • The HR Team also works with Local Support Partners (LSPs) and ISPRO/ Access Management to get new employees their System Access (Identity Token / I-Key).
  • Gaining System Access usually takes 1-2 days.

System Access Flow Chart
Flow chart of the onboarding process for getting system access

Best Practice:

  • Employee hire dates coincide with the beginning of the pay period.
  • UHR Orientation occurs on their first day.
  • Remote workers should be on site for Onboarding activities (I - 9 verification; Computer Set Up... Etc.)
NOTE: This process may change with the Workday implementation on Jul 1, 2018
Stay turned for additonal information!

Communication is an integral part of the HR Team's success in the Recruiting, Onboarding, and Off boarding Process. 

When a team member gives notice of resignation,
please contact the HR Team or your department's ASG representative as soon as possible! 

Steps to begin the Off boarding Process

  1. Forward the Resignation Letter/ email and your acceptance to
    • Please include the following information
      • Date of termination
      • Reason for termination
      • Any specific terms of employment (Future actions).
  2. UHR Off-Boarding Checklist and Knowledge Transfer Template is required.
    • We will partner with you to ensure completion.