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Procurement Team


Team Goals

Effective July 1st 2017, the ASG Procurement Team was tasked with procuring all supplies for UVAFinance. The Shared Services Group's Procurement Team aims to decrease redundant purchases by consolidating the departments supply orders and maintain the supply inventory through relational database management systems. 

Team Members

Mariah Kier (Team Lead) - Supply Orders, Receieves & Directs deliveries to departments, Supply Inventory Database
Stacey Rittenhouse - Supply Orders
Connie Alexander - Supply Orders
Jay Gallimore - Custom Applications Development Team, Supply Inventory Database

Services Provided

Supply Orders

All orders will be placed on/around the 15th of the month.  Please see the process for ordering supplies below.

All supply requests need to be sent to your ASG Team Member with the item and page number from The Supply Room Catalog by 3pm the day before the orders are to be made. At that time your ASG Team member will forward your order to Mariah Kier to place.

List of ASG representatives Carruthers Hall Employees can send their supply orders to.

Furniture Orders

We also play an important role in the onboarding process by assisting the Human Resources Team with purchasing equipment and furniture for new employees. 


Please download our SOP Here for a more detailed list of services.

Coming Soon

The Procurement team is working on getting a Supply Management system in place to keep track of supplies and orders. This will allow employees to know what items we do or don't have in our inventory, allow employees to find where items are located throughout Finance, and request more if we are low on stock. The Supply Management Systems or SMS will be behind net-badge, and accessible through this page.