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Records Management

Records Management cage area

Team Goals

The Records Management Team works to organize and maintain data that is stored in the cage of Carruthers Hall. 

Team Members

Connie Alexander (Team Lead)





For more information regarding Records Management please click here.

Services Provided

  • Data Storage

  • Secure Shredding

  • Compliance 

  • URMA

Processing Urma Requests to Retrieve Scanned Files

This procedure is how to process URMA requests for Sponsored Programs scanned files

  • Access URMA- User Name & Password Required on Opening Screen
  • Access both OSP Excel Spreadsheets-  Box List  & OSP Patterson Pope Box Inventory  both reports are on the S Drive and contain the URMA Number and the File Solve Box Number

Cleaning up and Clearing out the cages at Carruthers Hall was no easy task. Through hard work and dedication our Records Management Team with assistance from other ASG Team members was able to strategically transform the area into what it is today. To read more about this transformation and see pictures of what the cage looked like before, click here

Now that the cage is empty, what should we do with our Records that have retention policies? Carolyn Walters, who was a huge part of the transformation, has a few guidelines for everyone to follow. Continue reading to find out what those guidelines are and what they ultimately mean for paper document storage!

Cage Guidelines

Carruthers Hall On-Site Storage of Physical Records:

In compliance with the University of Virginia Institutional Physical Records Storage Standards paper documents must be stored in an environment with normal HVAC conditions for an office space. Boxes and file cabinets should be located away from direct contact to HVAC vents, radiators, and portable heaters. Area should be free from pests (insects and rodents). Structure should be able to support the weight of records. No overhead piping or close contact to drains, sinks or other water access areas is allowed. In accordance with said regulations Carruthers Cage may not be used as storage facility for paper documents.

Complete compliance regulations and Records Management Policy may be found at: