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Travel & Expense Team

Our Goals

The University of Virginia’s Travel and Expense Service is a central resource to assist University Academic faculty, staff, students and guests with business-related travel arrangements and payment of business expenses.  

Our Team

Mary Fields (Team Lead) - Travel Ambassador
Stacey Rittenhouse - Travel Ambassador


Services Provided:

  • Assist with Preparing for your trip
  • Assisting with TravelUVA - Booking a Trip
  • Assist with Completing Travel/ Reimbursement Requests.
  • T & E Card Reconciliation

Travel Safety Map

Click on the map to interact with it. The map will expand to full screen view but by closing the window you will remain on the same page where you left off. By using this interactive map you can see safety hazards whether you are traveling within the United States or outside of the country. 

Know Before You Go

The resources below are directly related to Travel and Travel Planning which enables you to check out affected countries, travel alerts for road, medical, and general security.  

Check out the Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services - Travel and Expense website for more information regarding travel.


  • Use TravelUVA's online booking tool whenever possible! It is UVAFinance's preferred method of booking Travel.
  • Read over the Travel Guidelines and Policies before booking a trip.
  • Do have your trip approved by your supervisor. Don’t just assume it is fine for you to go, departments budgets must be considered.
  • Do take your Travel & Expense card on the trip with you.
  • Do know the Do’s and Don’ts for using your T & E card properly.  Be responsible.
  • Do once you return reconcile your charges for your T& E card within 10 business days of your trip. Keep all business receipts.


  • Try to book travel alone. If you are having trouble, confused, or it is your first time booking travel through TravelUVA please contact someone on the Travel & Expense Team or a Travel Ambassador for help!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to book a trip – Be prepared
  • Don’t try to reconcile a transaction without a bank of America transaction amount and an authorized receipt –the system will send you an error message if you attempt to do this but be aware.


 If something you are concerned about is not listed here, then please be sure to check out resources on the TravelUVA site and the ExpenseUVA site.